This year’s show is a comedy show centered around the renowned TV show, Saturday Night Live which just this past year celebrated its 40th anniversary. Our starring guest host is Elsa, the glorified Disney character from the movie “Frozen”. Join us on an adventure as Girly Mon, an atrocious skier, tries to win over Elsa. The key to her heart is quite clear; a strong, confident skier capable of basing a final pyramid. Come out and watch as Girly Mon, with the help and enouragement of our announcer Dan Rotar and his friends Hans and Franz, work tirelessly to “pump up” Girly Mon and build him into a strong skier in an attempt to win Elsa’s heart. Will he succeed or will he not? Only the final pull will tell!

This year’s show has some new items including a tic-toc around-the-boat, pre-fabricated pyramids, a hot-pick ballet line, numerous barefooting tricks and many more. Need not worry- our classic acts such as coventionals, trios, strap doubles, kids line and flag line will surely be out on the waters of Pewaukee Lake for your enjoyment. Stick around until the end and cheer on Girly Mon and the rest of the rest of our team as we use all 500 horsepower of our twin-rig boat in an attempt to pull off the biggest pyramid of the night!
We look forward to dazziling you on the waters of Pewaukee Lake!
Jon Mohr & Colin Shepet
Co-Show Directors